Social Media – Survival of the Innovative

In business, every opportunity you have to positively differentiate yourself from the competition is another deposit in the bank of survival. The same is true in social media. If you want your social media presence to stick out from the pack, and to be more engaging and meaningful to your audience, then you’d better be innovative.

Levi Strauss & Co. is a great example of a company being innovative in social media, and its current campaign is creating a positive separation from its competitors. The company’s idea to turn over the search for the next Levi’s Girl has turned them into a social media darling among industry experts, as well. How did they do it?

The company turned to Facebook and asked its fans to upload personal videos explaining why they should be the next Levi’s Girl. In an instant, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity became an accessible dream for the brand’s fans. This campaign immediately did two things for Levi’s.

1. It created a tremendous amount of buzz for the brand, grew their social media fan base, and engaged existing and potential customers in a new way, making their brand top-of-mind in the process.
2. It also proved that they care about the opinions of their customers, so much so in fact, that they’d willingly turn over to them the decision making process for a major brand representative.

Levi’s decided to do more with social media than implement a passive presence with it. They engaged their audience, gave them control of a major piece of their promotional plan, and reaped – and are still reaping – the benefits of it.

Customers want to feel appreciated and listened to. Social media is the most direct route to making that happen. Could your business take a similar approach to showing appreciation to customers?

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