Versailles’ Ventanita Gone Digital

If you thought Versailles somehow defaulted as the go-to Cuban restaurant in Miami out of sheer luck, you’re sorely mistaken. While a certain amount of good fortune can position a business for growth, Versailles’ continued status as an iconic eatery has far more to do with finesse and fine-tuned strategy than a blind stroke of luck.

Versailles has an integrated online presence that allows them to stake their claim as “the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant.” And rather than sit idly by for continued patronage from visiting celebrities and politicians, it seeks them out and makes deliberate efforts to maintain them, even going as far as posting stories about their famous visitas on its beautifully designed website and on its active social media networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Appropriately named “La Ventanita,” which literally means “small window” but refers to the window on the outside of the restaurant where you can order coffee and pastelitos, Versailles has taken one of the most recognized and social elements of their restaurant and incorporated it creatively on their website as their hub for online conversation.

For over 40 years, Versailles has been a cultural establishment for generations of mostly Cuban families, but as Miami’s cultural landscape continues to shift, and as new generations of eaters enter the picture, social media has become an important tool for engagement as the eatery transitions into a bolder new era — something that will help it to be recognized for generations to come.

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